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    StarFleet soundtrack from the Airwolf Themes producers
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    Airwolf Themes MP3 Teasers, Tracklist and original features from the Special Limited Edition 2CD

    The original 2CD Special Limited Edition release in 1999 called 'Airwolf Themes: 2CD Special Limited Edition' was the first official Airwolf soundtrack score release from the GER Soundtracks team of Mark J. Cairns, Gerry R. Forrester, and original composer Sylvester Levay.

    It consisted of 25 tracks over two CDs, the first CD by Mark J. Cairns had 22 episodic based music tracks from the original three CBS seasons of the show, and the second CD by Sylvester Levay had 3 mainly orchestral tracks recreated in conjunction with Levay's close ties with the Munich Philharmonic Orchestra, in Munich, Germany.

    The CD1 was created at the end of the Analogue sound days on 24-track Ampex 1" tape, just as Digital sound was in its infancy within the commercial sector (Pentium 3, Apple PowerMac days).

    Airwolf Themes Original 2CD (1999) Cover Artwork
    Original 2CD (1999)
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    Airwolf Themes Digital Re-release (2007) Artwork
    Digital Re-release (2007)
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    The 1999 Tracklist & MP3 Teasers for ‘Airwolf Themes’ 2CD

    Airwolf Themes - Episodic CD1 by Mark J. Cairns

    Airwolf Themes - Special Bonus CD2 by Sylvester Levay

    Total Duration: 01:25:19

    Airwolf Themes Original 2CD (1999) Cover Artwork

    The original Features of the 'Airwolf Themes' 2CD release from 1999

    • - 25 tracks (22 on CD1, 3 on CD2)
    • - 2 CD Special Limited Edition set
    • - Slimline jewel case (clear underlay)
    • - 20-page cover booklet containing rare, behind-the-scenes photographs from the TV series, plus exclusive interview with original Airwolf composer, Sylvester Levay
    • - Sold via: website only
    • - Original cost GBP £26 + shipping
    • - Release date: Feb 1999
    • - Label Code: GERCD3
    • - Special Limited Edition of 1000 copies
    • - SOLD OUT!

    2007 Digital Downloads Re-Mastered Re-Release of ‘Airwolf Themes’

    In 2007, a full 8 years after the original, physical 2CD release of the music soundtrack, Mark J.Cairns decided to have the soundtrack remastered from its analogue 24-track tape original recordings at Einstein Studios in Northern Ireland during July 2007, again under the sound engineering genius of the legendary, Frankie McClay.

    They also took the opportunity to enhance and remix a couple of the tracks from the original 'Airwolf Themes 2CD' recordings, creating new, 24-bit 96Khz digital masters for optimum sound quality and a great starting point for down-sampling to the 16-bit world of digital music formats in MP3 and AAC. In total, five tracks were remixed including fixing problems with what was Cairns' least favourite track at the time (technically) for the Season 3 episode, 'DESPERATE MONDAY'.

    "We did a few things to totally transform it and it now sounds wonderful, both aesthetically and acoustically, and its amazing how the technology has changed during the noughts and the potential for digital audio now and in the future," Cairns said at the time.

    The five tracks that were remixed and enhanced, including new instrument tracks were:

    • Main Theme - 3rd Season Opening Titles
    • HX1
    • Main Theme - 1st Season Closing Titles
    • Main Themes - 2nd / 3rd Season Closing Titles

    Total Duration: 01:25:45

    Airwolf Themes Digital Re-release (2007) cover artwork

    The original Features of 'Airwolf Themes' 2007 Digital Downloads Re-Release

    • - 25 tracks
    • - Digitally Remastered throughout + 5 tracks remixed
    • - Sold via: Apple iTunes,,, - NOT CURRENTLY AVAILABLE
    • - Original cost: GBP £19.99
    • - Release date: November 2007
    • - Label Code: GERCD3-b
    • - NOT CURRENTLY AVAILABLE (possibly in the future again)

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