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    Airwolf Sound Effects Collection FX for the Airwolf TV Series and buy Official Universal Sound Effects Library

    Have you ever wished to hear certain Airwolf Sound FX created by the old Universal Sound division during the early 1980s clearly without Sly Levay's / Udi Harpaz' wonderful music (or other dialogue) hanging over the top of it? Ever wanted to use some sound FX in your own private video productions (not for public release)? Well now you can with this new selection of high-bit, pseudo-stereo MP3s for your enjoyment.

    To complement this taster collection you may also like to know that there is an Official Universal Studios Sound Effects Library in a superb 5CD box set available to buy from the link below containing a selection of instantly recognisable sounds from the show including the actual real-life sound of the Airwolf helicopter both hovering & fly-pasts, as well as foley sounds like most of the aircraft in the show, gun-fire, car sounds and atmospheric noises that were used in the series to add texture and depth to the mono sound-track.

    Please note that all these sounds are Copyright Universal Studios © 1984, some are extended and manipulated by Mark J.Cairns.

    Please support the official Sound Effects Library product by Sound Ideas, Ontario, Canada, which is Copyright Universal Studios © 1992.

    Official Universal Sound Effects LibraryVisit Sound ideas Website

    IMPORTANT NOTE: The MP3 files below are **NOT** in any way content directly from the above Universal Sound Effects Library box set, but are sampled from the original multi-layered, off-air broadcasts from the Airwolf series itself. They are only here to give an idea and a guide of the type of sounds that are available from the official 5CD box set only.


    The files are 16-bit Stereo, 224k bit-rate MP3s


    • 01) Airwolf Howl 01 DOWNLOAD (266k) 9.4 secs
    • 02) Airwolf Howl 02 DOWNLOAD (131k) 4.6 secs
    • 03) Airwolf Howl 03 Echo DOWNLOAD (159k) 5.6 secs
    • 04) Airwolf Turbos Engaged DOWNLOAD (61k) 2.2 secs
    • 05) Airwolf Double Snort Fly-by DOWNLOAD (271k) 9.6 secs
    • 06) Airwolf Hover 01 DOWNLOAD (403k) 14.3 secs
    • 07) Airwolf Hover 02 DOWNLOAD (283k) 10.1 secs
    • 08) Airwolf Hover 03 with Snort DOWNLOAD (324k) 11.8 secs
    • 09) Airwolf Comm On DOWNLOAD (28k) 1 sec
    • 10) Airwolf Door Hiss — Open/Close DOWNLOAD (123k) 4.3 secs
    • 11) Airwolf ID Scanner 01 DOWNLOAD (225k) 8 secs
    • 12) Airwolf ID Scanner 02 — Missile incoming DOWNLOAD (272k) 9.9 secs
    • 13) Airwolf Internal Hum 01 DOWNLOAD (369k) 12.6 secs
    • 14) Airwolf Internal Hum 02 DOWNLOAD (354k) 12.6 secs
    • 15) Airwolf Internal Hum 03 DOWNLOAD (72k) 2.6 secs
    • 16) Airwolf Internal Hum 04 DOWNLOAD (849k) 31 secs
    • 17) Airwolf Landing Gear Down DOWNLOAD (54k) 1.9 secs
    • 18) Airwolf Landing DOWNLOAD (685k) 25 secs


    • 19) Airwolf Helmet Visor Down DOWNLOAD (17k) 0.6 secs
    • 20) Airwolf Missile Fired then Helmet Visor Up DOWNLOAD (252k) 9.1 secs
    • 21) Airwolf Combat Mode 01 DOWNLOAD (120k) 4.2 secs
    • 22) Airwolf Combat Mode 02 DOWNLOAD (114k) 4.1 secs
    • 23) Airwolf Combat Mode 03 DOWNLOAD (32k) 1.3secs
    • 24) Airwolf CopperHead Missile Fire & Explosion DOWNLOAD (132k) 4.8 secs
    • 25) Airwolf Double Copperhead & Explosion DOWNLOAD (121k) 4.4 secs
    • 26) Airwolf sub-dues Gunfire with Missile Launch DOWNLOAD (200k) 7.3 secs


    • 28) Airwolf Bullets richocheting inside DOWNLOAD (48k) 1.7 secs
    • 28) Corsair Gunfire & Explosion DOWNLOAD (197k) 7.2 secs
    • 29) Huey Chain-Guns DOWNLOAD (67k) 2.3 secs
    • 30) Huey Falling to Earth after being Destroyed DOWNLOAD (93k) 3.3 secs
    • 31) Huey Missile launch DOWNLOAD (104k) 3.8secs
    • 32) Hughes 500 + Airwolf Howl DOWNLOAD (153k) 5.5 secs
    • 33) Santini Air JetRanger Landing DOWNLOAD (714k) 26 secs


    • 34) Lair Ambience DOWNLOAD (625k) 23.8 secs
    • 35) Eagle catching Trout DOWNLOAD (106k) 3.8 secs
    • 36) Eagle over Lake 01 DOWNLOAD (309k) 11.2 secs
    • 37) Eagle over Lake 02 DOWNLOAD (397k) 14.4 secs
    • 38) L.O.K.I. Computer sound DOWNLOAD (408k) 17.5secs
    • 39) Moffett's Ghost sound DOWNLOAD (115k) 4.2 secs
    • 40) Moffett's Ghost Radio Interference 01 DOWNLOAD (181k) 6.6 secs
    • 41) Moffett's Ghost Radio Interference 02 DOWNLOAD (166k) 6 secs

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