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About Airwolf Extended Themes
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About the original Airwolf Themes 1999 2CD and 2007 Digital Re-release
About Airwolf Themes
The original Airwolf Themes soundtrack & digital re-release.
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- Fully-remastered 13 track CD including:

- The original Opening and Closing themes

- Cues are compiled into episodic suites, in the order they were first used on screen

- Includes a 16 page full colour liner booklet, featuring: Liner notes from composer, Paul Bliss

- A short introduction from series producer Louis Elman

- Detailed series overview by author Chris Bentley

-  Heavily illustrated throughout with detailed notes on each episodic suite


Star Fleet Soundtrack Cover Artwork & Tracklisting

Star Fleet TV Soundtrack Official CD Cover

1. Star Fleet Main Theme (1:16)

2. Episode 1 Suite: Thalian Invasion (9:10)

i) The Alliance Approaches (0:51)
The gigantic Alliance Battlecruiser leaves the Thalian Zone and approaches the solar system.

ii) EDF’s First Encounter (1:40)
Star Fleet Cruiser 1 spots the alien warship but is destroyed. Astrofighters launch from Pluto Alpha Base and engage the Alliance Battlecruiser but are annihilated.

iii) Earth: the Year 2999 (0:34)

The year is 2999. Space War III has ended. The galaxy is once again enjoying a time of peace. Our solar system, with the Earth as its leader, is slowly rebuilding, attempting to forge new hope out of the ashes of total devastation. Star Fleet, the spearhead of Earth’s defences, is commanded here at the headquarters of EDF, Earth Defence Forces.

iv) Let Me Introduce You to Lamia (0:29)
Shiro Hagen, John Lee and Barry Hercules are introduced to Lamia, Dr Benn’s secretary.

v)  The Thalian March (Makara’s Theme) (0:45)
The Alliance fleet approaches Pluto and Captain Orion launches the Imperial Fighters. On Pluto Alpha Base, Captain Carter calls battle stations but the base is wiped out by the Imperial attack.

vi) The Secret X Project (0:40)
At Moon Base, Dr Benn reveals the X-Bomber project to his new recruits.

vii) X-Bomber Countdown (1:40)
As the enemy fleet passes Saturn, the X-Bomber launch countdown begins. The crew check all systems and Dr Benn orders take-off.

viii) Star Fleet Into Battle (1:31)
X-Bomber leaves Moon Base on an intercept course with the Alliance fleet.

ix) Crash Landing (0:53)
X-Bomber, the last hope of Earth, lies crippled without power at the mercy of the enemy. Can the Earth avoid total annihilation? What can they do?

3. Episode 2 Suite: Race into Danger (3:34)

i) Interrogation on the Flagship (0:19)
Held prisoner on the Alliance Battlecruiser, Captain Carter is interrogated by Commander Makara who demands the secret of F-01.

ii) Laser Memory Dissimilator (0:33)
Carter manages to resist Makara’s laser memory dissimilator. Meanwhile, X-Bomber is still crippled on the lunar surface.

iii) Lunar Ambush (1:47)
Racing across the lunar surface to X-Bomber, Lamia and Kirara come under attack from Alliance astrofighters.

iv) Launch FG Operation (0:38)
Makara launches a holographic projector which conjures the images of a large alien fleet around Pluto.

v) What is F-01? (0:14)
What is F-01? If Earth Defence Forces don’t know, they must find out and protect it, but with the seconds ticking away, time is running out for Star Fleet Command.

4. Episode 3 Suite: The Mystery of F-01 (5:37)

i) Countdown to Destruction (0:48)
Commander Makara of the Imperial Alliance hovers in an alien battlecruiser over Star Fleet Command. She has demanded the handover of the F-01. There is a time limit of only one hour.

ii) Child of Esper (2:00)
Dr Benn tells Lamia how Professor Hagen found her as a baby inside an alien spaceship that had landed on Mars. He goes on to relate how Lamia was brought up in secret with Kirara as her nursemaid.

iii) The Missile Base (0:54)
As the EDF’s Missile Battalion Number 5 prepares for launch, Orion opens fire with laser torpedoes and wipes out the missile base.

iv) Corridor Chase (1:11)
Convinced that she is the F-01, Lamia races to surrender herself to Makara. She is pursued by Shiro who catches up with her in the airlock.

v) Makara Retreats (0:42)
Earth has survived the initial Imperial assault, but Commander Makara has threatened to return. The mystery of the identity of F-01 has still not been solved. Can Star Fleet Command resist a second attack?

5. Episode 4 Suite: The Eye of Jupiter (9:48)

i) Transport Trouble (0:42)
In order to reconstruct Pluto Alpha Base, which had been destroyed by the Imperial Alliance, Star Fleet Command sent Transport Cruisers to Pluto, each of them carrying materials and staff.

ii) Scrub It ‘Til It Gleams (0:45)
At Moon Base, PPA supervises Kirara as they clean X-Bomber.

iii) X-Escort (1:08)
X-Bomber launches from Moon Base to escort the next fleet of Transport Cruisers to Pluto. But Makara’s Alliance Battlecruiser lies in wait, hidden in the Eye of Jupiter.

iv) Journey by Starlight (1:40)
As the fleet passes Mars, Lamia wonders why she was left there as a baby. The fleet enters the asteroid belt where the first fleet disappeared. Dr Benn orders Shiro to bring the fleet to a full stop.

v) Asteroid Ambush (0:58)
Alliance Carriers close in on X-Bomber and the Transport Cruisers. Dr Benn orders the Transport Cruisers to retreat.

vi) Set Course for the Methane Sea (0:24)
The Alliance Battlecruiser heads for Jupiter’s Methane Sea to lure X-Bomber to destruction.

vii) Jupiter Hideout (0:59)
X-Bomber leaves the asteroid belt and heads for Jupiter in search of the new Alliance base, but Maraka lies in wait in the Methane Sea.

viii) Alliance Shakedown (0:56)
As X-Bomber prepares to open fire on the Alliance base, the ship is attacked from behind by Makara’s battlecruiser.

ix) Dai-X Junction! (0:46)
Under heavy assault from both ground and air, Shiro, Lee and Hercules join their component vehicles to form the massive Dai-X fighting machine.

x) The Ol’ One-Two (0:40)
Once on the ground, Dai-X smashes through the fortifications of the Alliance base.

xi) Victory on Jupiter (0:40)
The Transport Cruisers for the reconstruction of Pluto Alpha Base all arrived safely but Commander Makara and the Imperial Alliance were not going to give up.

6. Episode 5 Suite: Rendezvous in Space (6:05)

i) Touchdown on Pluto (0:31)
Transport Cruisers en route to Pluto Base from Star Fleet Command had disappeared. X-Bomber found the secret base built on Jupiter by the Imperial Alliance. A major battle ensued. The alien base was completely destroyed. A new group of Transporter Cruiser arrived at the Pluto Base safely, protected by the X-Bomber.

ii) Tears in the Snow (1:21)
X-Bomber touches down on Pluto and Shiro, Lee and Hercules set off in a snowmobile in search of Captain Carter.

iii) Always Trust Your Instincts (1:32)
Recalling his time as a cadet at the Defence Academy under Captain Carter, Shiro remembers his final test.

iv) Pursuit to Cassiopeia (1:11)
In a shuttlecraft, Lamia heads for a rendezvous with the Skull while X-Bomber lifts off from Pluto. Shiro, Hercules and Lee set off in pursuit of Lamia in the Dai-X component vehicles, heading for Cassiopeia.

v) The Skull (0:32)
Lamia catches her first sight of the Skull space galleon. Then her shuttle develops engine trouble as if something has forced her to stop dead in space.

vi) I Have the Pendant (0:54)
The Dai-X crew search for Lamia while aboard her shuttle, Lamia attempts to make radio contact with the Skull.

7. Episode 6 Suite: The Trap (5:29)

i) Engagement at Mars (1:27)
Astrofighters are scrambled from Mars Base to keep the Alliance Battlecruiser cornered until X-Bomber can get there. Orion launches Imperial Fighters to intercept them. Meanwhile the X-Bomber crew race to board their ship.

ii) Evasive Action! (0:35)
The Astrofighters from Mars engage the Imperial Fighters but are annihilated. Makara orders Orion to set course for Earth.

iii) 17 Degrees to Starboard (1:23)
Makara’s fighters make an unrelenting attack on X-Bomber in the hope of drawing the Skull ship from hiding. Dr Benn orders Lee to change course in order to enable X-Bomber to swing round and use its main laser blast.

iv) Out of Control (2:01)
Makara’s plan has steered steered X-Bomber into the gravity well of a black hole. Out of control, the ship crashes into a meteorite.

8. Episode 7 Suite: Sargasso in Space (3:29)

i) Alliance Battle Theme (1:52)
Shiro starts X-Bomber’s main engines as Dr Benn attempts to fly the ship out of the Sargasso gravity graveyard, but X-Bomber comes under attack from Orion’s Imperial Fighters.

iii) The Flagship Attacks (0:39)
As the Imperial Cruiser closes in, Dr Benn realises that he has no choice but to use the X-Bomber’s last ion of energy to activate the X-Impulse.

iv) Fire in the Engineering Room (0:56)
Makara’s laser beam causes a fire to break out in X-Bomber’s engineering room. Hercules tackles the blaze but it burns out of control until Lamia arrives to help.

9. Episode 8 Suite: Planet of the Monmons (2:09)

i) What a Pretty Flower (Lamia’s Theme) (1:20)
Lamia explores the surface of the planet Alleria with Kirara. She spots a volcano and discovers some strange new lifeforms. Lamia wants to go and say hello to them, but Kirara becomes very agitated.

ii) The Monmon Waltz (0:48)
The monmons swarm all over X-Bomber as Dr Benn prepares for launch.

10. Episode 9 Suite: Trial & Execution (1:47)

i) Return to the Thalian Zone (1:31)
The Alliance Battlecruiser has failed to defeat X-Bomber on the planet Alleria. The Imperial Master is angry and summons Commander Makara and Captain Orion to the Thalian Zone for trial and execution.

ii) The Imperial Master (0:15)
The fearsome Imperial Master appears before Makara and Orion in the execution chamber.

11. Farewell Old Friend (from Episode 12) (1:10)
Shiro defeated Captain Carter, a man he had loved and respected but who had been brainwashed by an unrelenting enemy. With all of the bitter remorse he felt in his heart for the death of his tutor, Shiro Hagen’s determination to resist the Imperial Alliance was now deeply enrooted in his soul.

12. Don’t Miss the Next Episode of Star Fleet! (0:22)

13. Star Fleet (End Titles Song) (1:27)

Send a message out across the sky
Alien raiders just passed Gemini
Who will come and save us now?
Who can defend us from their power?
Star Fleet, Star Fleet
Star Fleet, Star Fleet

Tell the people back at Earth Control
Send Star Fleet legions to save our souls
Always daring and courageous
Ooh - only they can save us
Star Fleet, Star Fleet
Star Fleet, Star Fleet
Star Fleet

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