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AIRWOLF THEMES' Privacy Policy

This privacy policy covers your control of your personal and business information, and's use of any personal or business information that you may provide to us via our UK-based website, Airwolf Themes Forum, social networks or any related sites relating to Airwolf Themes or GER Soundtracks.

Our potential customers can visit virtually all of our website without telling us about themselves, or their business, and not be required to provide any personal or business information to our team. We use an on-line Order form (via PayPal) that collects your details when you place an order... you input them thus If you place an order with us online, we will require personal information to verify your purchase (and to know where to ship the product if required) and which is for both our security and your own. We will NEVER ask for you to submit written credit card details etc. (as those will be input directly and securely via PayPal).

Cookies & Tracking Software

Like most modern websites, we DO use cookies for basic analysis (we have Google Analytics as our main analysis service) of where our site is popular / unpopular and any cookies we have are purely there for our OWN use only. We do NOT share your web data or personal details with anybody, to third parties nor anyone else outside of the Airwolf Themes team.

What is Personal Information?

Personal information is any information that could be used to identify you, including data you provide when you contact us through our website (i.e. name, address, country, email address).

Protecting information will NOT transfer, trade or sell your personal information to outside third parties under any circumstances. Your Personal information is stored securely as PDF Forms and Excel database, is only used for communications directly with us and may only be shared with a third party DIRECTLY associated with Airwolf Themes for the sole purpose of assisting in producing or facilitating delivery of your printing order e.g. postal services.

We will disclose personal information to third parties (i.e. the Police, HMRC, PayPal, Trading Standards, Debt Collection Agency etc.) only if:

- We are obliged by a valid UK court order
- Or asked directly by one of the above UK Government agencies (as examples, but not limited to)
- Or if you violate our Terms & Conditions by creating a bad debt by using a stolen credit / debit card, transfer Bank funds (via BACS) from an account you have no authorisation to do so etc.
- or other illegal or unlawful activity under UK law. Airwolf Themes and GER Soundtracks takes your privacy very seriously and we will do whatever it takes to protect it in order to make your online experience with us a pleasant and safe one.

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