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    Fan Feedback on Airwolf Themes Soundtrack Digital Downloads from 2007 onwards

    "I just wanted to drop you a note and thank you and Sylvester Levay for your efforts on the Airwolf soundtrack... for years I'd listen to audio tapes of the show I'd made by positioning a cassette recorder under the TV speaker, which is why even today I can quote vast chunks of the show and thus be a big hit at cocktail parties.
    Anyway, thanks again, the work is really outstanding, and it's nice to hear it without the dialog. "
    Mark Sullivan
    (via E-mail: 25 March 2009)

    "Hi Mark,
    First of all I salute you!! I have received my copy from eBay (after years and years searching) of your Airwolf Themes CD today and I already listened to it. When I fetched my CD at the post office I immediately loaded into my Car's frontloader and I played the 1st track so loud. Saying to everybody (In my mind of course) that thinks Airwolf is a thing of the past,
    EAT THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thank you for creating such a fantastic piece of material. Many thanks to Mr. Levay as well, you both are geniuses.

    P.S. Man the CD are the following words: Brilliant, Fantastic, Outstanding, Excellent, Very Very Good - Or in Afrikaans: Briljant, Fantasties, Uitmuntend, Uitstekend, Baie Baie Goed "

    Gerann Gerber, South Africa
    (via E-mail: 2 December 2008)

    "Hi Mark,
    I’ve been meaning to contact you to give feedback on the excellent Airwolf Themes (Digital Downloads) and I have to say I am thoroughly impressed with the attention to detail and the excellent quality of the tracks; it’s definitely revitalised an excellent show. I also enjoyed the three tracks from Sylvester Levay which are absolutely marvellous pieces of music and it’s great to be able to purchase and download them which I did at the end of last year! I am also keenly interested in any news of the Airwolf Themes II project, the samples from Jan Michal Szulew on the Airwolf Themes website were amazingly similar to the show. Many thanks again for producing a great album of a classic show which I still enjoy today."
    John P. Porada
    (via E-mail: 24 August 2008)

    "The remaster of the Airwolf soundtrack is ultimately spectacular. It is a great soundtrack and all the Airwolfians here on Long Island heard it and they all loved it. Just thought I would inform you to keep up the great composing."
    Gordon Heights Fire Dept Truckie
    (via E-mail: 11 March 2008)

    I have just downloaded Airwolf Themes from iTunes Store and I have to say what a fantastic job both you and your team have done remastering them. I hope that the next Airwolf Themes release will be as good.
    Keep up the good work."
    Mark Luddington, UK
    (via E-mail: 6 April 2008)

    "The remaster of the Airwolf soundtrack is ultimately spectacular. It is a great soundtrack and all the Airwolfians here on Long Island heard it and they all loved it. Just thought I would inform you to keep up the great composing."
    Gordon Heights Fire Dept Truckie
    (via E-mail: 11 March 2008)

    "Hi Mark:
    Just wanted to let you know. I ordered the Airwolf themes thru your site; and I am so happy with it. You and Sylvester Levay did a fantastic job :). As far as i'm concerned a 10 out of 10. I am not kidding :). Take care."
    David Osborne
    (via E-mail: 13 January 2008)


    On the original Airwolf Themes 2CD soundtrack from 1999

    "At last, a genuine sound of Airwolf thundering over the opening few seconds of your first piece {the Opening Theme}. By the time I had finished listening to CD1 and then CD2, I was in Airwolf heaven. You could not have done a more perfect arrangement of any of the tracks on your CD. And Sly's work-of-art complements your CD1 extremely well. The booklet is a truly amazing piece of work as well."
    Tim Felce, Shefford, Bedfordshire, ENGLAND
    (via E-mail: 23 February 2000)

    "Well, the postal service took its own sweet time, but the disc finally arrived today! Although I've been playing it non-stop, it's still too soon for me to decide which tracks are my favorites, but 'The American Dream' is the leading contender. I did not want to let the day end without congratulating and thanking you for such an outstanding effort. You've captured perfectly all the feeling and excitement of the show's music. As an avid collector of over 900 soundtracks in his CD catalog, I can tell you that your recording is one of the most outstanding I've ever heard and it is a rare occurence when a re-recording manages to remain so faithful to the original's ambience and intention. I'm sure you must be very proud of your work and rightly so, but I'm also sure that Sylvester Levay, Donald Bellisario and the other composers, as well as all the fans out there, share in the pride of your accomplishment. All I can say is that I now join them and thank you once more. You've made my 17-year wait for this CD all the worthwhile."
    Alejandro Herrera, Pedegral de San Francisco, MEXICO
    (via E-mail: 31 May 2001)

    "I can only describe it one way – awesome, absolutely awesome! From the time I opened the package and saw the cover, to the time I spent listening to it over the past couple days, I was totally and utterly astounded with the professionalism and quality of the final product. The sound quality on each recording is incredible, and the liner notes/photographs are nothing less than fantastic! Reading all about how the CD was created from conception to production was amazing. I'll certainly be keeping the neighbors awake for some time now. The hard work, countless hours, and sheer love you put into making this CD a reality is highly commendable. Airwolf fans the world over will no doubt be singing your praises for a long time to come."
    PFC Raymond L. Robb, US Air Force, NATO HQ Afcent, THE NETHERLANDS
    (via E-mail: 28 February, 2000)

    "How did you do it? I've just been transported to exotic, dangerous places like Libya, the Wolf's Lair, the cabin, the cockpit -- oh! Just wonderful. Can feel the loss and sadness in the air... it's great stuff to listen to. My ears, eyes and emotions have had a supersonic treat. The CD booklet looks beautiful as well as having rare atmospheric photos. Lovely! Congratulations to everyone involved! You've done the Lady proud."
    Mairi Macintyre, Dundee, SCOTLAND
    (via E-mail: 24 February 2000)

    "This is the soundtrack to end all soundtracks! The music was superb, but not to make the music seem less important, the CD artwork, and liner notes are incredibly well done. I don't recall in all my years of collecting {soundtrack} CDs seeing such great work and layout. It is better than anything even MCA have ever done. And just so you know, I spotted right away -- down the spine of the CD cover -- how you ingeniously added picture sequences of Dom putting a CD into Airwolf's onboard computer. How many people noticed this? Two, three perhaps. I noticed."
    David Toof, Sacramento, California, USA
    (via E-mail: 8 March, 2000)

    "I just want to say that you have done an incredible job. I mean the sounds are so damn similar! I just love it. Tell Sylvester Levay that the things he's done are incredible as well. I mean, imagine Levay's theme from the Special Bonus CD2 on a new Airwolf series or TV movie!! Great job!"
    Robert Johansson, Kalmar, SWEDEN
    (via E-mail: 28 February 2000)

    "I have listened to the CD and would like to say it is an exceptional work of art. I cannot imagine the effort you and others put into the making of the CD. The music stays true to the series and reminds me of the good old days. You have done a wonderful job and I hope you realize that what you have accomplished is truly a work of art. It has been wonderful to do business with you."
    Andrew Fair, Littleton, Colorado, USA
    (via E-mail: 25 April, 2000)

    "It is absolutely fabulous, wonderful -- there's aren't enough superlatives for this CD. It brought back so many memories of the show, even a few tears with 'Gabrielle's Theme'."
    Joan Estima, Willowdale, Ontario, CANADA
    (via E-mail: 3 March, 2000)


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