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Doctor Who - Tom Baker
by Roger Shore

About the Airwolf Graphic Artist — ROGER SHORE

The Airwolf Themes Paintings Collectors' Series has been a creative project destined for the analytical skill of commissioned graphic artist, Roger Shore since 1999. Born in Yorkshire, England and now residing in the leafy suburbs of Belfast, Northern Ireland, Roger Shore's talent and eye for detail has developed over many years working within the graphic arts industry and his endless passion for art has primarily stemmed from his extensive knowledge and love of the art of film and television itself.

His professional background originally emanated from within photography, while studying photography and design in England. But his main interest in the traditional graphic arts of airbrushing and gouache painting have been fuelled by his love of film and television and a desire to see a return to the era of classic film posters.

"It is something of a dying art now in this digital age of Apple Mac computers and the Internet," Roger commented.

And so the seeds of the Airwolf Themes Paintings Collectors' Series were sown after a chance meeting with Mark J. Cairns some years ago.

Having seen some of his previous work for cult British series', 'Doctor Who' and 'Blakes 7', Mark had forlornly commented on the lack of artwork for 'Airwolf' after the show's demise (even the classic photographic-based posters rarely come up on eBay) to which Roger surprised him on the spot with previously created episodic work from 'Airwolf' 2nd Season episodes, 'Eruption' and 'Condemned' which had been completed, in his spare time.

Further examples followed periodically until the idea eventually evolved to create a "series" of 'Airwolf' posters based on an episodic premise, an all-new concept within the world of television memorabilia.

"With this Collectors' Series project I hope to give Airwolf fans a new aesthetic appreciation of episodic elements from selected episodes of the series whilst allowing them to lose themselves in the imagery and to try to summarise the main ethos and intention which the writers and producers originally intended for their individual shows," said Roger.

"I'm excited by the prospect of creating something new and emulating the production values for what must be one of the best television series of all time," he concluded.

Airwolf Posters and Paintings by Airwolf Themes producer & designer, Mark J.Cairns, and artist, Roger Shore are now available to buy from the links above. We've also included a gallery of images from Roger Shore's amazing collections of A1 size painted artworks for the classic Dr Who eras of Tom Baker / Peter Davison) (1963 - 1989) seasons of the BBC's 'Doctor Who' TV series. These were private commissions though and are not currently for sale to the public for legal and Copyright reasons (please don’t ask for copies at this time as Dr Who is copyright to the BBC and refusal often offends). BBC and DOCTOR WHO™ are trademarks of the British Broadcasting Corporation © 1969 / 2013 and no infringement is implied or intended. AIRWOLF™ is a Trademark of, and licensed to NBC Universal Television Studios © 1984


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