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    Wolf Insignia - Click HERE
    by Mark J. Cairns
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    Wolf Insignia Poster

    Airwolf Themes Collectible – Wolf Insignia A2 Poster

    Created by Airwolf Themes’ creator and producer, Mark J.Cairns, this highly collectible Airwolf poster is large-format, A2-size (23.4” x 16.8”), commercially-printed, commemorative artwork based on Airwolf’s original ‘Wolf Insignia’.

    It will create a big impact on your wall and will be the centre of attention on any room.

    Large format Airwolf posters have been a rare sight for Airwolf fans and poster collectors since the days of the show’s original production in the 1980s with only five known posters (one British, one American – both Scandecor posters of a 1st Season publicity still from Airwolf - and three German-produced) in total gracing the walls of a few lucky fans worldwide.

    Get your copy now and don’t miss out on owning this highly collectible Wolf Insignia Poster by Mark J.Cairns TODAY. You can stare at it while listening to the Airwolf Extended Themes 2CD soundtrack.

    I will ship via Airmail worldwide (through the British Royal Mail post office) in super double-walled, poster tubes.


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