Pirate Counterfeit Copies of original AIRWOLF THEMES Themes

Counterfeit and pirate versions of the original Airwolf Themes 2CD soundtrack header graphic

Overview of Airwolf Themes 2CD soundtrack Fakes

Due to an original production run of only 1000 original sets and a history of changing hands on eBay for highly collectible prices, the original Airwolf Themes Special Limited Edition 2 CD set attracts the attention of counterfeiters worldwide. Perhaps they feel that a gap needs to be filled in the small Airwolf music market.

Whatever the reason, on occasion they attempt to flood the market with cheap, pirated knock-off versions in numerous guises, usually through auction and exchange websites as well as comic and memorabilia shows, particularly those that take place in the United States.

No-one benefits by purchasing from such a pirate except the scumbag pirate. Certainly not Mark J. Cairns or Sylvester Levay, whose THOUSANDS of hours of combined work were required to realize the end product. Don’t forget that tremendous private funds were raised just to license the final product legitimately.

If you wish to acquire one of the scarce legitimate CD sets for your own collection, this illustrated guide will help protect you from spending a lot of money on a cheap counterfeit. Through it you’ll see that unscrupulous thieves do make these knock-offs as authentic looking as they can and will take your hard-earned money in clever ways.

By educating yourself here, when you do see what looks like an original CD for sale, you’ll have a better chance of getting an authentic copy. In the meantime, you can download all the original Airwolf Themes music from numerous sources.

And when you spot a counterfeit copy, please notify Airwolf Themes Producer, Mark J. Cairns at: hello@airwolfthemes.com with as many details as possible. When you see it on eBay, please also report them to their VeRO legal department. That way both legal teams can investigate immediately. Thank you for NOT supporting these scumbag music counterfeiters and pirates.

Below are a selection of pirated versions of Airwolf Themes currently in circulation, Type D being a particularly brazen effort, and the worst version to look out for BEFORE buying one on eBay etc.