Unfortunately William Rogers has had to close his Airwolf Project X site after many years of development of the outstanding, enhanced Airwolf MODs and Redwolf MODs for MS FSX Flight Simulator X.

He has put all the downloads in one big FREE Download package (public File Sharing package for all to use) for the Airwolf Project X MOD and it's here on Mega NZ:

DOWNLOAD Airwolf Project X MOD for Microsoft FSX Flight sim now HERE:

All the relevant READ ME files are in those four folders. Just use the setup.exe from the "AirwolfX" folder first and it'll all work from there.

- On the Mega NZ site, clicking the "Download as Zip" button will download all 4 folders into a single Zip on your PC
- Starting point: "AirwolfX" folder.
- Stock Folder - contains a literal stock Bell 222 instead of Airwolf
- Texture Folder - contains the texture Mod
- 'All in One' Folder are all of the other three folders combined

There are also "CS Weapons" (Captain Sim Weapons Add-on) enhancements that can be added to it from here: https://www.captainsim.com/products/w001//

You can also try it on the Microsoft FSX for STEAM version too (however it wasn't tested by William). It should work though. If it doesn't find the FSX install directory, it can be manually pointed to during the install.

Here's a demo video of what it looks like with Tom Higginson's brilliant video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=668ke3GNN4E

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