So, we've finally joined the modern world and started selling it on Amazon.

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You can buy NOW exclusively and directly from us at Airwolf Themes Website .

We also have it available to buy on AMAZON PRIME:
AMAZON UK / via -

Currently, the new Airwolf Extended Themes 2CD is on Amazon UK here:

USA, Canadian and Australian fans can order directly from Amazon UK and ship worldwide via Ascendia or Parcelforce / GLS.

We utilize their Prime "Fulfilled by Amazon" service so it can ship via their Amazon Warehouse.

That means that we still have the web-only exclusive though of the 6 collectors' cards of Roger Shore's amazing Airwolf posters to be given as a FREE bonus when ordering directly from - however, you'll wait a little longer in lieu as we only ship a mailing every 2 weeks.

Mark J.Cairns
Producer, Airwolf Themes CD soundtracks

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