Just moving this off-topic out of the "Greatest Soundtracks" topic as we were going way off-tangent...

I immediately recognised Tim Jones' scores from HUMAN TARGET. It feels like a straight lift.

It's obvious that KNIGHT RIDER 2008, HUMAN TARGET and all the similar ilk "action-comedy" shows were now trying to copy McG's formula and success with CHUCK. I liked both those shows but they seemed to flesh out the Chuck cast quicker than the other two. The ratings were awful for all the shows though which would indicate the current majority audience are only interested in mass-market fare like X-Factor, American Idol (and the UK equivalents) and the soaps.

What I want to know is how does HBO get away with their 18-certificate, totally adult shows like the fantastic writing and production quality of MAD MEN, ENTOURAGE and TRUE BLOOD when the mainstream networks are producing such utter crap? HBO productions seem to have the idea of the old "half-season" (in the old 24-eps per season sense of the word) direction and making every episode of their shows superb, instead of stringing it out to the old 24-ep 1980s-style season. A strategy I agree with by the way.

I've been so into these three shows in the past 2 years via Series Box Set DVDs, they're outstanding in every dept. HBO really are the only quality network any more. The rest are snorefest for the masses (with a few exceptions of course like WB's SMALLVILLE, of which I'm years behind).

I see that the British BBC imports are starting to kick in with big ratings in the States (for those that know about them anyway)... i.e. Doctor Who and Downton Abbey.

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