Cant recommend this film enough. Its a cross between Miami Vice and The Transporter. Dont go expecting The Fast & The Furious though, as although Ryan Gosling plays a 'driver', there are only two car chases in the entire movie (the second one being the best). Also the film becomes VERY brutal towards the end with some extreme violence (you'll never look at an elevator in the same way EVER again!!) The cast is top notch and Ryan Gosling plays a psychopath to perfection.

The main reason ive posted this though is because of the amazing soundtrack that goes with the film. As with Daft Punk's TRON: Legacy score last year, the soundtrack to Drive is just as amazing with an incredible mix of 80's synthsizers and songs. Thats what gives it such a cool style 'feel' and suits the film brilliantly. I'll definately be purchasing it. Here's a link with music from the movie. Enjoy!!!