Posted from over on I wanted to make sure friends that don't go there get to see this. I made a CGI Airwolf short using 3ds Max, Adobe After Effects, and Daz Studio. Hope you guys like it.

Welcome to Airwolf Dreamscape.

Several months after Moffetts Ghost and Mind of the Machine, we find Airwolf in the lair near sundown. She was stolen from the FIRM and taken to Iran. Hawke and Santini stole her back and brought her home to the U.S. As she sleeps, we will see that Moffett programmed her to dream. What does she dream about? What if she dreams of events that really took place? And ones that did not? Maybe she dreams of Good and Bad things that have happened in her existence? Or have yet to take place? The echo rings true: "The wolf has come down from the north, and your fat little town is safe no longer"

Things you will see that were not in the original show:

Inside view of the helmet HUD

Airwolf breaking the sound barrier

Airwolf with a rail gun

Airwolf with a female voice synth for single pilot occupancy

Airwolf with rear missile capability

Airwolf with new counter measures.