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This is called 'EAGLE's SERENADE' (aka "HAWKE's THEME" / "EAGLE'S THEME"/ "AIRWOLF CELLO THEMES") and was composed by Sylvester Levay for the Pilot episode of the show (and in a few other 1st Season episodes), when Hawke serenaded the eagle (and mourned Gabrielle).

You can find this Airwolf Cello orchestral piece on the original AIRWOLF THEMES 2CD set (was part of Sylvester Levay's "Special Bonus CD2).

Here is the original 30-second Teaser for it from the original Airwolf Themes 2CD, arranged and conducted by original Airwolf composer, Sylvester Levay and played by the Munich Philharmonic Orchestra:

But, I have now completed the complete suite of the 'EAGLE'S THEME' from the real cello solo through to full orchestral and finishing with the synth version of the theme from 1st Season episode 'BITE OF THE JACKAL'. It is on CD2 of the new 26th March 2014 release of the 'AIRWOLF EXTENDED THEMES' set.

Here's the ALL-NEW RECORDING & COMPLETE "Eagle's Theme" for the Cello (real cello from the 'PILOT' + synth version from 'BITE OF THE JACKAL' episode) on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Aju_nnWNQYA

I've released the Teaser for the all-new version (now includes live Airwolf cello solo, cello + orchestral, plus Synth version from 'BITE OF THE JACKAL'):
'AIRWOLF EAGLE's CELLO THEME' Blog - https://airwolfthemes.blogspot.com/2012/12/airwolf-eagles-cello-theme-mp3-teaser.html

ALL-NEW AUGUST 2013 MP3 TEASER (from 'Airwolf Extended Themes') LINK: https://airwolfthemes.com/mp3/PILOT-EAGLES-THEME-Teaser-2013.mp3

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