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SFXB Fan Feedback

Hi Gerry,

Received this today. Came home, threw off my coat and put it in the CD player. I was SO excited I didn't even stop to eat or make a cup of tea! ;-D

It was a joy to listen to. True, it's not the soundtrack as I heard it when the TV series was first showm, more an enhanced, remixed, stereo version of it, but using many of the original recordings. There were one or two cues missing (such as Lamia's harp playing which I always loved) and it would have been nice to have extended a few of the cues (purely via repetition perhaps - one can't escape the feeling that some of the cues were longer in the TV series and as a listener, I have to admit that I wanted them to go on longer). It would have filled out the remaining 20 minutes or so of free CD space. I had also hoped for a secret track or 2 (maybe a couple of the tracks that Paul has drastically altered - unaltered. That would have been charming and lovely for the purists amongst us who didn't want to hear anything changed, no matter how good Paul's reasons for doing so might be).

But these are mere quibbles. The packaging is absolutely 1st class as is the article by Chris Bentley and the introduction by Paul. The music itself... sounds so fantastic. I sat there and just drank it in. So gorgeous and an absolute joy to listen to! When I first saw Star Fleet in 1982, I was 9 (I am now 38) and even though I watched those episodes only once... I was able to quote tracks Paul had composed 10 and even 20 or so years after I'd heard them having never seen an episode twice (& that was before the release of the DVD Box Set from Fabulous Films!). The soundtrack, imho, was THAT memorable tbh :-)

If there is any way of doing so, could you please express (on my behalf) my profound gratitude that he agreed to have his work on the series released at last. I feel like I've waited nearly my whole life to hear his wonderful, evocative, thrilling soundtrack again. The CD has taken pride of place next to my Star Fleet DVD Box Set. The series and the soundtrack, remain something that I treasure from my childhood :-)

Anyway, I've wittered on at you enough! Haha! Thank you again for sending this so promptly and to you and Paul for an absolutely brilliant release :-)

Kind regards,
a very happy,
Steve Foster

Awesome sound quality -  thanks for this - I have just sent payment via Paypal for 1 CD

You've made my year what can I say!!

Many Thanks,

Many thanks, and SO excited this is finally available, the sort of thing you might imagine would never see the light of day so thank you so much!

Arrived today. I have now reached "Star Fleet Into Battle as I type, and cannot stop grinning. AAAAAAAAWWWWSOOOOOOOOOME! :)

Thanks so much,

Hi Gerry,

Not sure if you will get this email but it is just to let you know I have received the Starfleet CD and all I can say is, Amazing!

Believe me when I say that it is not often that this crusty 41 year old ever says that nowadays. It genuinely made the hairs stand up on the back of my neck when I heard the first track.

Nice one Paul Bliss, the efforts of all involved has just made this a very nostalgic xmas for this fan.

All the best,
Richard Yon

Hi Gerry,

The CD arrived today thanks very much (it's awesome! well done all).


Hi ya Gerry,

I wish to express my gratitude for the Star Fleet CD - it is superb. So i am writing to say - thank you.

Also, I purchased the Airwolf EP and original 2CD Airwolf Themes, all of which are excellent. I look forward to the next release of Airwolf on CD as advertised in the Star Fleet CD.

Thank you once again.

Kind regards,
Greg Howard

Hi Gerry,

Many thanks for the cd that arrived this morning, just one word – INCREDIBLE.

The quality is outstanding and I’ve played it several times already.

Best wishes to you and the team for putting together an incredible piece of work.

Mark :)

To Whom it May Concern,

I am very interested in buying a Star Fleet Soundtrack.

I am an American teenager who has fallen in love with the Star Fleet series, and I am lucky enough to own the DVDs.

I have also introduced many of my friends in college to Star Fleet, and they too are in love with it!

We have all found Paul Bliss' synth score to be excellent, and it truly gives the show a unique, and extremely cool, feel.

If any copies are still available, I would be truly grateful to buy a copy!

Thank you for this opportunity to own such a great score!

Best Regards,
Joseph Walter