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Some Airwolf fans have asked why it won't be available through retail channels like Walmart or Tesco or elsewhere?

To do it retail nowadays (apart from it being more expensive than a $5 buck Walmart knock-it-out, mass produced thingie), for something as niche and bespoke as a 30-year-old TV show like Airwolf would be unwise and a total Fail as far as the business sense.

With the high track number (42 tracks!) on the Airwolf Extended Themes album and the other little bits and pieces to go along with it that I've planned, it makes far better business sense to just cut out the middle men and release, market and ship it ourselves.

It means I can personally look after (or at least oversee) every order and customer who buys it in the end. If there's a problem, the bucks stops with me! Period.

With Amazon's service, it is available exclusively through Amazon Prime.
Mark J.Cairns
Producer, Airwolf Themes CD soundtracks

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